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My business needs Access to Funding

Does your small business need funding for for assets, expansion and more?

We can help you access funding in a responsible way that ensures business growth.

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Financial Management

Do you feel like your business is not reaching its full financial potential and you’re not sure what can be improved?

We can help you understand the gaps and provide tailored solutions to get your business on track.

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About us

Virtual FO is a Funding and Financial Strategy Consulting Firm focused on enabling Access to Finance for SMEs  with a pro-active and education-first sharing approach. The team comprises experience of facilitating more than R100bn worth of funding transactions across Africa.

Access to Funding remains one of the key challenges for South African SMEs, preventing growth and their ability to become locally and globally competitive.

In solving this challenge, we aim to empower SMEs to grow from small to big, unlocking an economically strong South Africa.

Virtual FO is a 100% youth, female and black owned company.