Access to Funding

From addressing the strength of your business to get funded, to understanding the future potential of the business and navigating funder relations, we’ll be your trusted partner throughout the entire process

General Funding


We navigate the complexities of the SME funding landscape, helping you secure the best funding for general business growth from banks and non-bank funders.

Minimum Criteria:

  • Be a registered company
  • Be compliant with CIPC and SARS
  • Operating for a minimum of 1 year (ask dependent)
  • Minimum Annual Revenue of R1mm
  • Financial Statements for 1 – 3 Years
  • Year-to-date Management Accounts

Funding uses:

Development and Project


Do you have an Industrial business or project (manufacturing, energy, mining, etc.) and you are struggling to access the funding you need?

We can help you navigate the complexities of structuring your funding and accessing Incentives to reduce your capital outlay, helping you secure the ideal financial resources for development and growth.

Minimum Criteria:

  • Be a registered company
  • Initiative must be in line with South Africa’s Industrial Policies
  • Venture must be financially viable
  • Venture must have initial quantitative and qualitative data to support establishment
  • Team must demonstrate expertise to execute the venture